Advantages and Disadvantages of Kratom Kava mix

You know the effects of kratom and kava, but you may wonder if you can combine them. You are not alone. Most people want to know the pros and cons of the kratom kava mix.

Is Kratom Kava mix Safe?

Kava is a native plant in the Western Pacific, particularly in the Polynesian region. The natives consume it for its anesthetic and sedative properties. It can provide relaxation while improving cognitive function and mental clarity simultaneously.

People in the Pacific even stage kava ceremonies in religious, political, and social events. They drink from the kava bowl that is passed around during the ceremony.

Kava has similar effects like alcohol. It can cause euphoria, talkativeness, and relaxation. However, if you take it, you still maintain mental clarity. Kava contains anxiolytic, muscle relaxing, analgesic, and anticonvulsant properties.

Kratom, on the other hand, is popular in Southeast Asia. At present, the US Drug Enforcement Agency does not regulate it, but some states have laws that ban it. Kratom, contrary to common belief, is not an opiate but is an opioid agonist.

If you take kratom, you will feel the same effects as the opiate drugs. Kratom alleviates opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It has natural painkilling properties.

If you take kratom regularly, you can become addicted to it. As such, you can experience the same opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Responsible use of kratom can cause a euphoric feeling, sedation, pain relief, mental stimulation, and mood enhancement. Effects can vary depending on the individual’s biochemical makeup.

Thus, you may feel amazing after taking it, while the person next to you may feel sick in the stomach. Experts suggest that you always take the lowest dose to see how it will affect your body.

You can combine the two drugs, but you must exercise caution because although they have advantages, they also have disadvantages.

Advantages of Mixing Kratom and Kava

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kratom Kava mix

Both kratom and kava relieve anxiety and produce relaxation effects. But, the former also boosts the mood and calms the mind. On the other hand, the latter causes euphoria and intoxication.

If used simultaneously, both drugs produce strong effects like reduced stress, improved alertness, intense euphoria, and feeling of contentment.

If you use the kratom kava mix, you can expect the following effects:

  •    Significant anxiety reduction
  •    An intense feeling of well-being
  •    Sleep improvement
  •    Increased cognition
  •    Aid in fighting depression
  •    Significant pain relief
  •    Mood enhancement

The combination is also useful in the alleviation of symptoms of the following issues:

  •    Panic attacks
  •    Insomnia
  •    PTSD
  •    Opiate cravings and withdrawal
  •    Alcohol cravings and withdrawal

Disadvantages of Combining Kava and Kratom

If you decide to use both drugs, you must be responsible enough because its mixture can cause serious health risks.

You cannot use the mixture if you are taking prescription drugs like anxiolytics and diuretics. Also, its constant use with alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Excessive use of both kava and kratom can cause renal and hepatic failure.

Kava in itself can aggravate hepatitis and hepatic diseases. You can experience blood in your urine because it damages the renal glomeruli. Moreover, you can experience dry, scaly, and yellow skin.

Excessive use of kava can also cause body tremors and extreme weight loss.

Kratom, on the other hand, causes delusions, psychosis, hallucinations, tremors, and excessive sedation. You may experience mood swings because it affects the brain pathways responsible for the controlling of moods.

Moreover, kratom causes nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Death is also a possible outcome of the excessive use of kratom and kava.

Ways to Consume Kava and Kratom Mixture

  •    Combine the two drugs with milk then filter to remove the roots and fibers
  •    Take kratom on an empty stomach then wash with kava

Dosage for Kratom and Kava

Before you decide to consume both drugs, you must first be knowledgeable about their dosage individually. Also, you must be aware that there is no standard dosage for both drugs.

But, as these drugs can have adverse side effects, you must start with the lowest dosage and increase it as your body becomes accustomed to them. You must ensure that you do not abuse them if you do not want the side effects.

For kratom, the safe dosage is up to 6 grams while for kava, it is up to 25 grams. Also, you must always remember not to mix them with alcohol and other drugs. If you experience side effects, you must consult a physician immediately.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you cannot combine the two drugs because it can affect your baby. Moreover, you cannot use it if you have liver-related ailments.

You are not to take the kratom kava mix every day because you can develop a tolerance that can lead to addiction and abuse.

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