Can You Smoke Kratom Powder? Yes, but Don’t Do It!

The use of Kratom powder has become more and more popular with each passing year. Many people are influenced by using it in several methods. It has been likened to marijuana in many ways.

Can You Smoke Kratom Powder?

Yes, you definitely can. However, many Kratom enthusiasts will advise you rather not.


No doubt, Kratom is a smokeable plant. However, it’s not cost-effective, and it can be harmful.

  • First, the average dosage of Kratom powder ranges from 2 to 5 grams. If you smoke it, you’re going to need more than 20 grams.
  • Second, you won’t experience the effects as much as others who take it in other methods. The alkaloids present in Kratom must circulate in your bloodstream efficiently. This cannot happen if they are burned and inhaled.
  • Lastly, it will damage your lungs. Smoking it is the same as smoking other products such as tobacco or marijuana. You’re going to injure your lungs eventually if you keep smoking.

What Are Other Ways of Using Kratom Powder?

Can You Smoke Kratom Powder? Yes, but Don't Do It!

Since smoking isn’t a good idea of taking Kratom, provided below are some of the practical ways of enjoying the benefits of the herb.

1. Kratom capsules

Many local and online shops sell Kratom capsules. Just toss it into your mouth, and wash it down with some liquid, such as water and juice.

It’s effortless, and you won’t be able to taste anything.

This is an efficient way of taking Kratom if you’re not too particular with the preparation and the experience when ingesting it.

2. A slurry Kratom

Another way of ingesting Kratom is by making a slurry with it. Take note; this is probably the least preferred way of ingesting the herb.

What you must do is to add enough water to the powder and mix it. The taste can become really bitter, so prepare yourself for it.

To alleviate the bitter taste, you can drink fruit juices or chew a piece of gum.

3. The Kratom tea

Many people love adding their Kratom strain to their morning teas. You can improve the flavor of your drink by adding sugar or honey.

You can search online for different ways of preparing tea. Since many love this method for ingesting Kratom, people came up with creative and efficient means of blending the herb with tea.

If you can still taste the bitterness, you can wash it down with juice or other fruity drinks.

4. The Edibles

You can add the Kratom powder in just about any food you feel like eating. However, many add it to sweet food and snacks, such as cookies and brownies.

This is to mask the bitter taste of the plant.

5. Chewing

Another simple way of using Kratom is by chewing it. This is the classic method people have been applying for countless years.

In Thailand, they had a tradition of offering their guests Kratom leaves to chew on.

However, some people can no longer take the bitter taste of Kratom, which is why they came up with ideas on how they can take Kratom with less bitterness.

If you want to try chewing it, don’t forget to take out the leaf’s vein before putting it into your mouth.

Ways of Smoking Kratom Powder

Since you entered the words “Can you smoke Kratom powder?” in your search box, it’s highly likely you’re interested in smoking the herb. Even though it’s not recommended, some people still use this method.

You can smoke Kratom using a bong or hookah. Some people prefer to smoke it like a joint.

Any method that you can use in smoking cannabis, you can use it with Kratom.

The Complications of Smoking Kratom

Several reports claimed that people suffered from health complications when they smoked Kratom with other substances, such as tobacco and marijuana. It’s never advisable to mix the herb with other drugs and medications.

You must never be tempted to try it out if you don’t want to compromise your health. Don’t believe that the effects are stronger once you mix it with other substances.

It may work with others, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for you.

Most people who tried mixing Kratom and marijuana ended up in the emergency room. They showed signs of overdose, which you must, by all means, prevent from happening to you.

The Final Say

Next time, don’t ask “Can you smoke Kratom powder?” Smoking it is possible, but it’s dangerous and not practical. Try to discover other methods of using the herb that is safe and effective.

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