Complete Evaluation of a Head Shop Kratom Vs. Online Vendor: the Pros and Cons

A head shop is a store specializing and selling cannabis and paraphernalia. Unfortunately, head shop kratom is quite rare. If you find one, don’t expect too much.

If you have no choice but to buy from a head shop, here’s a complete evaluation of a head shop:

Other names of Head Shop

  • Smoke shop
  • Bong shop
  • Paraphernalia shop
  • Pipe shop
  • Smart shop (Netherlands)

What to Find in a Head Shop

Mostly, cannabis or marijuana is the main product of a head shop. Aside from the CBD, you can find smoke papers, paraphernalia such as pipe, and vaping essentials.

If you’re lucky, you might find a pack of kratom. However, this kratom product may not be the best. Worst, it could be a watered down version of quality kratom you will find online.

Furthermore, some head shops won’t even display kratom on their shelves due to the legal issues circulating it.

Some head shops have excellent lounging area to accommodate their patron, giving them comfort and style while smoking cannabis.

Where to Find Head Shop

Since marijuana became legal in the US, it’s relatively easy to find head or smoke shops anywhere. You can look for smoke shops on local yellow pages or business directory listings for accurate information about a particular head shop.

A few head shops have their online presence, or social media account to reach out to their customers. You can even ask your friends who love cannabis about the best head shop and check out if these shops sell kratom.


  • Physical store is quite easy to find
  • Get your kratom order over-the-counter
  • No worries about legality because as a business, head shops are legal


  • Sellers know little about kratom and its effect
  • Inferior quality of kratom
  • Limited options of kratom strains
  • Not discreet since you have to visit the shop to buy

Head Shop Kratom Vs. Online Vendor

Complete Evaluation of a Head Shop Kratom Vs. Online Vendor: the Pros and Cons

Online kratom vendor is a better alternative than a head shop that sells kratom. Here’s a complete evaluation of an online kratom vendor:

Classes of Online Kratom Vendor

  • Ethnobotanical vendor
  • Kratom exclusive vendor

What to Find in an Online Kratom Vendor

Online vendors sell quality kratom products. These vendors often have blogs where you can read information about kratom.

With the information in their site, you can make an informative decision, which strains to choose and buy.

Aside from kratom products, you can also find other herbs in these online vendors. These vendors are called ethnobotanical vendors. Kava kava, Kanna, mitragyna hirsuta are some of the products you can see in these vendors.

Where to Find an Online Kratom Vendor

An internet search is all you need to find a vendor. Just type in “kratom online vendor,” and the search engine results page will return thousands or even millions of results.

The question is how to choose the right online vendor.

Choose Right, Buy Right

The number one factor you should check before choosing a kratom site is the legality of kratom in your area.

Sadly, FDA and DEA are making some moves against the legal status of kratom. These agencies are finding ways to back up their claim that kratom is dangerous and has no medicinal benefits.

The second factor is the integrity of the kratom site. With so many kratom online vendors, it’s confusing which one of them is telling the truth about the quality of their product.

A reputable vendor will always have its product tested for pesticides residue and contamination. Because testing requires an added cost on their operation expenses, not all kratom vendors hire the services of a laboratory.

Vendors who test their product before shipping often share the testing results. Make sure that the result is not more than six months old. You can counter check the laboratory name to ensure that the result is authentic.


  • Vendors have detailed knowledge about kratom
  • Excellent quality of kratom
  • A wide range of kratom options


  • A limited area of shipping due to legality issues
  • Expensive but worth the money spent
  • Need to wait for the order in 3 to 7 business days

Final Thoughts

A head shop kratom is a good alternative if you want to buy kratom for the first time. However, your first impression of the kratom product will not be good. You might be disappointed.

If you’re burning kratom for the first time, it’s best to invest your money on online vendors. The kratom products from these vendors come from reputable kratom harvesters. The products are organic and free of pesticides.

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