Does Kava Tea Show up on Drug Tests: Things You Need to Know

When you are going for a job interview, one of the most common requirement would be to undergo a drug test. This is true also if you are joining decent activities or sports. The drug test result will have a significant impact on your future.

If the drug test result means anything to them, then you will lose all the opportunities if you are getting a positive result. Therefore, a lot of people do not take drugs before the commencement of these occasions. If you have been taking drugs, and you were not prepared, then this would cause a huge amount of trouble.

If you are taking kava tea, you probably have the same question. Before knowing whether or not it can show on the drug test result, it is important to understand Kava properties, its drug testing features and the easiest ways of eliminating kava.

The Real Definition of Kava Tea

To kava users, one of the greatest quality they notice is the calmness it brings. kavaKava is another herbal supplement taken by millions of people to experience calmness. Kava improves your mood and relaxes your muscles. The reason as to why it induces your mood is the idea that it makes you euphoric.

Kava has anxiolytic action, and it also relieves insomnia, pain, and restlessness. Its generic name is Piper Methysticum which is known as Ava pepper, Sakau, Kava pepper, and several other titles in diverse parts. The reason why Kava tea is consumed by many people is the idea that it produces sedation, hypnotic, anxiolytic, and psychotropic action.

As a measure of mood swings, Kava is best for menopausal women. For those who are addicted, Kava provides therapeutic support. Kava tea promotes a better sleep through sleep-wake cycle regulation. It also has properties that fight off cancer that inhibit mitosis and growth of tumor cells.

If you know somebody has prostate cancer, Kava tea is effective as it avoids metastasis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which play a huge role in the world of medicine.

Kava: What Does It Comprise Of?

Kavalactones are its active ingredient that comes in 6 different forms including dihyrdokavain,  kavain, methysticin, yangonin, desmethoxyyangonin, and dihydromethysticin.

Does Kava Tea Show up on Drug Tests: Things You Need to Know

Aside from these substances, there are other bioactives such as awaine, lactones, pipermethystine, glutathione, and flavokavains that are present.

The Idea of Drug Testing

Just like any other drug, the drug testing activity has the same concept. It is a method whereby the technical and chemical analysis of every biological specimen is being carried out. The term biological specimens refer to urine, blood, hair, breath, saliva, and sweat.

Drug testing is one of the most important requirements because it determines whether or not the person is taking specific drugs, or is under the influence of the drugs. The determination is important because there are jobs that are risky to people, and the influence of the drug is a big no. Common drug testing is requested usually for narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, and cannabis.

Kava: Does It Appear on a Drug Test?

In many parts of the world, Kava is legal. According to DEA, there are no special drug tests designed for kava. In other countries, however, certain tests were introduced to examine the kava presence as well as its metabolites. These tests are requested only for those countries where kava are popular.

The drug tests such as Gas chromatography or mass spectrometry and Urine drug test may or may not appear in the results. The problem with this substance is that there have been reports where people did not consume but are getting positive results.

Understanding the Idea of False Positive Drug Test

When the drug test result is false positive, it simply implies that you are getting a positive result of the drug even if you haven’t consumed it. For example, the person is taking kava, but the result shows that she is taking marijuana.

This incident takes place due to the similarities of the chemical and structure of the substances. The idea here is, if you are a victim of false positive drug test with kava through urine testing, then it is time to proceed to Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Understanding the mechanism of kava tea is very important because the question cannot be answer by yes or a no directly. It has too many factors to consider.

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