Effects and User Guide for Red Hulu Kratom Strain

If you are looking for a strain that can be as relaxing as a cup of herbal tea while also as stimulating as a cup of coffee, you got to have to try red hulu kratom.

It is from the Hulu Kapuas variety, a less prominent kratom strain that can help every user overcome the daily issues and struggles of life.

If you are tired of the regular kratom strains widely available in the market today, the red hulu can give you the adventure you badly want. It works differently, but best, compared to other strains.

Here are reasons it’s the next best strain you should try.

Why Is Red Hulu Rare to Find?

Effects and User Guide for Red Hulu Kratom Strain1

The red hulu, like other hulu kapuas strain varieties, is super hard to find. It only grows around the Hulu river bank in a thick forest in the heart of Indonesia. The population in the area is extremely scarce. While people can get there and can access the place, the Kapuas variety is an ancient species, and a majority of people these days don’t know or can’t identify it.

With these issues, it is extremely hard to obtain any Hulu Kapuas leaves to make the strain. There are only a few people who have the means to access them, selling the products to huge kratom vendors.

Another reason why this kratom variety is so rare to find is because of the very picky process it has to undergo to achieve its unique hulu kapuas effects. To make the highly potent and effective powder, only the mature kratom tree leaves are used. That makes it even harder to have a lot of stocks of the strain powder.

What Is Red Hulu Made Up of?

The principal alkaloids found in red hulu kratom are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. This combination can provide more than the half of the strain effects.

Currently, there are 15 other alkaloids that are known to make up the chemical property of the red hulu: 7-acetoxy mitragynine, 3-Isopaynanthein, corynantheidine, 3-dehydromitragynin, epicatechin, corynoxeine, 3-isocorynantheidin, corinoxin, mitraciliatin, paynanthein, isomitraphyllin, mitrafolin, mitraphylline, mitragynine, mitraspecin, speciogynin, mitraversin, speciofolin, and specionoxein.

Each of these alkaloids present can provide different effects, but, together, they make up a highly effective and potent strain.

Effects of Red Hulu Leaves

Hulu kapuas plants have the benefits of growing in both Indonesian and Malaysian soils. A such, the red hulu features some excellent effects that are unlike other strains.

  • Starter Level Effects

More than simply getting better after drinking a starter or low dose of red hulu strain, it can provide far more benefits. It significantly enhances your mood, increase stimulation, and sharpen your focus and motivation.

These primary effects will soon be followed by increase in your energy; a similar occurrence happens when you drink a cup of strong coffee.

The starter effect of using red hulu powder is simply activation in both mind and body while still keeping a clear head.

  • Moderate Level Effects

Using moderate dosage of the red hulu strain can strengthen its primary effects. It simply means that the primary effects it can give increases its potency.

For example, the primary effect of using red hulu includes enhancement in the mood. At a moderate level, it can now lead to stress relief and will ultimately then lead to sedation. However, these effects are still moderate in this stage.

  • Intense and High Level Effects

At this level, using red hulu can provide quite extreme effects.  From the mere pain relief, it can now help alleviate anxiety and depression tendencies. The analgesic effect of the strain also becomes stronger that it can now reduce chronic illnesses.

The most extreme effect would be euphoria, and this will be the last to come but won’t last for long.

How to Use Red Hulu Strain?

Because of the rarity of this kratom strain variety, you won’t always see it available in kratom shops. But if you are lucky enough, they are offered in powdered form and can be used the same as other kratom powders are used. In some cases, you can also find red hulu products in crushed leaves, supplements, and herbal teas.

The red hulu kratom can be a perfect choice for people who want to have a different kratom strain experience as it has several unique alkaloids not available in other strains.

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