Essential Information About Kratom E-liquid or Kratom Vape Juice

If you are living in the United States or Canada, you might be familiar with people who use vapes, or you might be one of them. You should not be scared about vaping because it is entirely legal and utilizing a vape would not get you in any trouble.

For those who don’t have much knowledge about vaping, it is the action of inhaling the vapor that is produced by e-cigarettes or e-cigs. Devices can include vape tanks, vape mods, larger scale vaporizers, and hookahs. Most of these devices are used by filling them with e-liquid.

Maybe you have seen an individual puffing smoke on a marker-like device that has a glowing tip, which is usually blue; then it is definite that you have seen someone vaping or using e-cigs. The e-liquids on those devices contain propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG.

What is kratom e-liquid?

These past few years, using vape has become a fast-growing trend because it has helped a lot of people with their nicotine dependency problems. It is also an excellent way to get rid of the stink that cigarettes produce. It even became a thing on different social media platforms as many young people who use vaping devices referred to themselves as cloud chasers.

It was mentioned in the first part of this article that e-liquid contain VG and PG. However, it is not limited to those two. There are vape juices that have different flavors in the market like peach papaya coconut cream and strawberry guava jackfruit.

The flavors that you can put on these devices are limitless, and if you are looking for natural e-liquids, then you will not fail as there are several liquids available in the market. Many vaping vendors are producing and selling kratom e-liquid in their stores.

Yes, that is right, vaping using kratom e-liquid is now a thing. Aside from enjoying the smoke that vape devices produce, you can also enjoy the benefits of kratom.

How to purchase kratom vape juice on the internet?

Essential Information About Kratom E-liquid or Kratom Vape Juice

Many people enjoy these products because it has a soothing effect. However, they are still not available in smoke shops or head shops near you.

Fortunately, you can get your hands on kratom vape juices by ordering from online kratom vape juice vendors. One of the most popular kratom e-liquid vendors is Holy Smokes. You can get a 15 ml of Maeng Da kratom vape juice for $24.99

Other online vendors that also offer kratom vape juice are Ethical Ethnobotanicals and Good as Gold Premium.

However, due to DEA’s scrutiny about kratom’s medicinal value, many kratom vape juice vendors have stopped selling or displaying kratom products on their websites. Hopefully, this rule will change soon as more and more individuals are fighting against the kratom ban.

Can you produce your kratom vape juice?

It can be difficult to find a recognized and reputable kratom vape juice vendor, so if you have given up hope in finding one, then you might like the idea of cooking the vape juice yourself. It is easy, simple, and most especially, cheap. All you must do is buy kratom extract from a legit vendor and put it in the vape device’s cartridge.

How to make kratom vape juice?

If you have the right ingredients, you will be able to make your e-liquid. Creating your kratom vape juice is a lot cheaper than purchasing from kratom vendors.

The ingredients for kratom vape juice that you will need are the following:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Distilled water

First, mix all three components. The ratio should be 1:3. When you are done combining those three, you should pour them into the kratom leaves or powder container.

Set aside the mixture for four to six weeks. Make sure to give the mixture a shake every week.

After four to six weeks, filter the liquid mixture with a cheesecloth. Put the purified product in a jar and leave it for a week.

Pour the top-most liquid into a jar and leave the remaining sediments in the pot or container.

Kratom e-liquid is becoming a thing nowadays because of the benefits that it can give to your body. As what they say, taking too much of something is wrong. Use kratom vape juice in moderation to avoid harmful effects.

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