Figuring Out What Is the Best Way to Take Kratom for You

Kratom has given everyone different effects, but only if you take kratom in the proper dosage. With kratom’s popularity growing, so are the ways to consume the plant.

If you are a budding kratom user, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It takes a lot of trial and error, but it pays to do your research when it comes to kratom. Here are some suggestions on how you can find your best way to take kratom.

Finding Out the Many Ways to Consume Your Kratom

Figuring Out What Is the Best Way to Take Kratom for You

Kratom comes from several areas in Southeast Asia. You can find the plant growing in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. For centuries, the usual way to consume kratom would be to take kratom leaves and then chew them.

Today, kratom developments had led people to turn the plant into these different forms:

  • Capsules
  • Powder
  • Resin

One of the main reasons why people turn kratom into these forms is because of the bitter taste. This means that you can enjoy taking kratom through the following ways.

Kratom Powder and How to Consume It

Kratom leaves pack a lot of flavors, but shipping them to faraway places can be difficult. Hence, kratom is often dried and crushed into a fine powder for shipping purposes.

Kratom powder lets you consume kratom in very personal ways. With kratom powder, you can take in kratom as the following:

  • Kratom Tea
  • Mixing the powder into different foods

Kratom tea is a very common way of taking kratom. You can even use kratom leaves to make it. All you need is to put your desired dose of kratom powder in a cup of boiling, hot water. Stir on occasion while you let the concoction steep for about 20 minutes.

Putting kratom powder into protein shakes or yogurts is a popular serving suggestion. Many users like to put kratom in sweet foods since these foods mask the bitter taste.

If you are a new kratom user and don’t know which kratom to start with, kratom vendors got you covered. They have sample packs ready for you to try.

Sample packs are small pouches containing powdered forms of kratom strains. This is for you to try out different strains if you don’t know which one is for you yet.

Taking Kratom Capsules to Avoid Bitter Taste

Capsules are a good way to consume kratom, especially for those who hate the bitter taste of kratom. Kratom powder is convenient to consume in a myriad of forms. But, a lot of users cannot stomach kratom as a powder since the bitterness lingers sometimes.

Right now, there are two kinds of kratom capsules available:

  • Gelatin capsules
  • Veggie capsules

These capsules offer a more controlled and convenient way to take in Kratom powder. Gelatin capsules are the more common kind. People developed the veggie caps for vegans and those who are allergic to gel capsules.

Taking Kratom as a Resin: A Special Kind of Extract

Kratom resin is one of the more unconventional ways to consume kratom. The resin is a kind of kratom extract that’s boiled into a very thick paste and then dried. Here are a few ways to take in kratom as a resin:

  • Turning it back into tea again
  • Taking some as small pellets

Boil the resin the same way as you would boil your kratom tea. You can eat the kratom resin right away, but take only 1.5-2.5 grams of this extract. That goes for the tea too.

This is a very concentrated form of kratom, after all. Taking too much can lead to kratom dependency and a lowered kratom tolerance.

So, What Is the Best Way to Take Kratom?

Taking kratom powder remains to be the most convenient way to consume kratom for many users. They like the idea that you can eat kratom along with your food or with your drink.

Kratom capsules are convenient too. Some reports say that kratom capsules aren’t as potent as the powder, though. Also, kratom capsules take a lot of resources to make, so they tend to be more expensive than kratom powders.

Resins are something you can make yourself, but they are often too strong, even for long-time kratom users.

There is no ‘best way to take kratom.’ It is different for everyone, and it depends on how you would like to take it. Just remember, don’t be afraid to experiment while taking track of your kratom intake and dosages.

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