Growing Kratom: Where to Find Maeng Da Kratom Plants for Sale?

Although it is very convenient to purchase kratom powders or capsules online, it is still lovely to grow your own kratom plant. You wouldn’t know until when vendors can supply you with your favorite kratom strain. Moreover, there is a growing number of countries that have banned or are trying to ban kratom plants, powders, or capsules.

As a result of banning kratom, you may have a hard time of purchasing your kratom supply in the future. To solve this problem, it is best that you learn how to grow kratom plants in your home. By growing your kratom plant, it is guaranteed that you will have your supply for the coming years.

Growing a kratom plant in your home or indoors is very easy, especially if you have enough knowledge about it. However, before you start growing kratom, you must first decide what strain you want to grow. We recommend the Maeng Da strain to you, so then you must find Maeng Da kratom plants for sale on the internet.

Are There Maeng Da Kratom Plants for Sale Online?

Fortunately, you can buy a kratom plant at Coastline kratom. They sell different kratom strains that you can quickly grow in your home. They are one of the few kratom vendors that sell live kratom plants.

Coastline Kratom prides with excellent reviews from their customers. A customer who has bought a kratom plant from them said that Coastline’s live kratom plant is the only plant that he couldn’t kill.

The plants are offered in two different sizes (rooted cutting): 2” plant and a 4-6” plant when potted. Both plant sizes come with a small pot and soil which means that all you have to do is to put the plant in the pot and add some water.

Kratom plants by Coastline are not available in varying color of veins like green, white, and red. The vein’s color can be determined by the light that the kratom plant is exposed to. Exposing it to red light will result in red veins; blue light will result in green veins; white light will result in white veins.

If you prefer, you can put a different light on each side of the plant so that you can get all three different colors on one tree.

The plant may be small, but it can grow to up to 15 to 20 feet tall. When the tree reaches maturity, it can produce kratom leaves rapidly.

However, remember that it may take 1 to 2 years before the kratom plant fully matures and before you can start harvesting its leaves. In connection with that, growing a kratom plant is considered a long-term investment.

Once the tree is ready to harvest, you can start using the leaves as a tea or in whatever kratom form you want.

If you have done your research about kratom plants, you might already know that it has a reputation of being a delicate plant to grow. If you have some experience in growing other plants, then it might be helpful in growing a kratom plant. But if you are a beginner, make sure that you are giving careful attention to the plant so that it will thrive and grow.

This vendor does not offer a refund on their live kratom plants as they do not know how customers care for the plant once received. However, if you notice some damage right after receiving your order, Coastline can replace it for you provided that you will shoulder the shipping expenses.

How to Grow Kratom Plants?

Growing kratom plants is not an easy task, but if you follow the tips below, there might be an increased chance that you can be successful in growing kratom. Here are some tips that you can follow in growing a kratom plant:

1. Find a reputable and a legit kratom vendor

You have to find an online kratom vendor that can sell you high-quality live kratom plants first. You have to make sure as well that the vendor can deliver the plant right on your doorstep.

You can buy from Coastline kratom, a renowned online kratom vendor. You will only spend around $30 on purchasing a 2-inch kratom plant and $55 in buying a 9-inch kratom plant.

2. Give the plant some room to breathe

After receiving your order, you must not plant it yet. You have to unpack it and put it in a dark room for 24 hours.

The reason for doing this step is because plants can store nutrients in their roots when they are placed in dark places. After the 24-hour period, you can proceed in transferring the plant in the soil.

3. Water the plant

You already know that most plants need water to grow, so you must also apply this in growing your kratom plant. You must not let the soil where you planted your kratom plant go dry. However, you must also make sure that the soil won’t get flooded as it may cause fungi to appear.

In short, you must ensure that the water is balanced.

4. Put the plant in a humid environment

Kratom plants grow better when placed in a humid environment. It is advised that you make a plastic mini-greenhouse made out of an empty bottle of soda.

Moreover, you must stimulate it by exposing the kratom plant to a warm breeze as it can help in increasing the alkaloid content of the plant. You can place an electric fan beside the plant during slow days.

5. Expose the plant in natural sunlight

Natural sunlight is a big factor in growing a kratom plant. Kratom grows better in regions in Southeast Asia because they have a tropical climate.

Kratom plants need a minimum of four hours of exposure to direct sunlight per day. Make sure that you place it in an area that receives the most sunlight. If it is cloudy, you can surround the plant with fluorescent lights.

If you are interested in growing kratom, you can watch a video about growing kratom to get more knowledge about it.

Finding Maeng Da kratom plants for sale is the easy part in growing kratom. Once you receive your live kratom plant, you must ensure that it will receive necessary attention for it to flourish.

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