Herbal Frenzy in Chicago: The Windy City Says Yes to Kratom

Since the discovery of the health benefits that it offers, the kratom plant has made its way around the world. In the USA, more citizens turn to this herb as an alternative treatment.

Over-the-counter medicines take a heavy toll on a patient, and with the effectivity of cheaper kratom plant, it is considered as the best option for remedy.

Kratom is commonly used as a pain reliever and also to reduce anxiety caused by stress. It can be used as a sedative to improve sleep for people who have insomnia. It is also used to boost your metabolism for a better immune system.

Recently, research has found that kratom contains natural elements that help people with diabetes. Everyone knows that diabetes doesn’t really have a cure, with insulin as the only option. However, insulin is expensive, so people find kratom to be the perfect and cheaper alternate remedy.

One of the benefits that appeal to people is its stimulant effect. Like opium or marijuana, kratom will give you the feeling of being high.  Unlike the drugs mentioned, kratom is purely legal.

Despite the health benefits of kratom leaves, authorities are concerned over legalizing this drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to include kratom in the list of illegal drugs in the country, but because it lacks evidence of toxic substances, the motion was postponed.

There are some states in the country, like Indiana and Wisconsin that banned the use of kratom. However, Chicago and some other states approved kratom to be legally used. Instead of opium and heroin, they think that kratom is a better alternative to users.

The Use of Kratom in Chicago

Herbal Frenzy in Chicago: The Windy City Says Yes to Kratom1

Chicago is known as the windy city, not because of its geography but because of the political issues that surround it. The state is divided into two oppositions about the use of kratom in the citizen’s everyday lives. After heated arguments, the state decided to legalize kratom in the meantime.

During previous years, there have been many accounts of the side effects of kratom. Most of these include respiratory illness and seizures. Kratom may also have been the cause of deaths of a few people.

According to local news, these deaths were caused by a drug overdose. However, this overdose is not limited to the use of kratom but also of other drugs like opium and heroin. It is why Chicago authorities are reviewing the previous bill that passed the legalization of kratom in the state.

Where to Buy Kratom In Chicago

For the time being, you can easily go to a shop and buy a pack of kratom without any pressure from the authorities. Another option is to order it online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Purchasing kratom has never been this easy.

  1. Epic Spices

The store is located in the Ukrainian Village in West Town. Kratom is available in powdered herbs or crushed leaves.

  1. The Spice House

This shop in Old Town, Near North Side Wells St. has a large collection of herbs and spices for everyday use. Stock up your stash of kratom and other tea bags for future use.

  1. Vape312

It offers clients who are into vaping a taste of kratom juice for an easier intake with less hassle. The store is located in Lakeview, Sheffield Avenue.

  1. Iwan Ries & Co

The Loop in S. Wabash Avenue brings you a classic store that has various pipe and cigar selection. Choose your kratom dose and smoke your way to relaxation.

  1. Level Vape

It is located in Wicker Park, West Town and offers you a handy, kratom-flavored juice for an on-the-go choice.

Despite kratom’s legal status in Chicago, users of this herb should also be responsible. Kratom users should control the dosage of their intake. This is to prevent any fatal accidents or overdose that may cause them harm.

Kratom offers people relief from stress, pain, and other illnesses. However effective this herbal drug is, you should still be cautious when taking in this drug. For now, users of kratom in Chicago can enjoy the benefits of the herb without worrying if it’s legal or not.

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