How Much Is Kratom: Revealing the Price List of the Market

Aside from searching details about different strains, another question that newbies ask online is “how much is kratom?”

The price of kratom varies depending on the product that you use. The following are some of the latest price lists.

Current Price Standing of Kratom in the Market

How Much Is Kratom: Revealing the Price List of the Market

  • Crushed Kratom Powder or Leaf. You can purchase crushed leaves or powdered kratom in pounds. The Premium Indo is $10.99/ounce, Maeng Da is sold for $21.99/ounce, while the Red Bali is available for $12.99/ounce ($69.99/8 ounces).

Meanwhile, you can also find kratom brands that are packed in grams. The Green Malay is $15.00/28 grams; Green Borneo is $10.00/28 grams, and you can buy the White Borneo for $9.00/28 grams.

Crushed kratom is cheaper compared to the other variants since it does not undergo multistage processing.

  • Kratom Powder. If you prefer the kratom powder, you can purchase at $12-$21 per ounce.
  • Capsule. The most convenient way to take the kratom is in capsule form. Start taking a capsule at $15.99/1 ounce bottle.
  • Kratom Extracts. This is deemed as the most powerful breed of kratom, and it comes at a higher price. However, users still prefer this variant since it only needs a minute amount to experience all the positive gains in kratom.

You can order a kratom extract at $14.99/4 grams.

  • Kratom Tincture. This kratom product is considered more effective than taking a plain kratom leaf. You just have to choose from different tinctures available in the market.

You can try the Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture for only $99.50 (6 ml). However, if you prefer the FST Golden Concentrate, you will pay $549.50.

  • Kratom Resin. This kratom product is used to make tea and is considered as one of the potent forms of kratom. A lot of people prefer the kratom resin since it provides a distinct aroma. If you want to try its effects, you can buy a kratom resin at $14.99 per pack.

These are the price range of the different kratom products. However, the price might also be affected by the kratom strain. Read the costs of popular kratom strains here.

Kratom Strains and Their Respective Market Prices

  • Maeng Da. According to experts, Maeng Da is the most powerful breed of kratom. You can buy a Green Maeng Da kratom at $19.99 per pack. Meanwhile, if you want White Maeng Da, the price starts at $19.99
  • Green Malay. This also a strong strain of kratom endemic to Malaysia. Take a pack of this strain for $17.99.
  • Indo Kratom. Another popular kratom strain is the Indo kratom. This strain is endemic to Indonesia and made from crushed leaves of kratom. The price of this kratom starts at $10.99.
  • Bali. If you want to experience slower effects yet same fulfilling gains, you must take a Bali kratom. This strain originated in Southeast Asian countries, particularly Malaysia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Buy a Bali kratom now at $15.99. You can also order a Bali powder for only $11.99.
  • Green Vein Borneo Kratom. This strain of kratom is considered to produce a moderate effect. You can buy a Green Borneo at $12.99 per pack.

There are lots of online kratom suppliers today. However, each of the portals has a different price list.

Top Online Kratom Suppliers and Their Respective Price Lists

  • Kratora. You can buy 1 oz of kratom in this site for only $11.99.
  • Kratomspot. Every 1 oz. bag of kratom in this site costs $9.99. Each bag contains 28 grams of premium kratom powder.
  • Botanical Wellness. For every 1 oz. pack of kratom, you need to pay $9.00 in this site.
  • Mmm, Speciosa. This site sells 25 grams of kratom for only $11.99. The Mmm, Speciosa also offers kratom powder in bulk at $69.99 (250 grams).
  • Kraken Kratom. This site sells 28 grams of kratom for only $8.45. Aside from providing premium kratom products, the Kraken Kratom also gives a 10% discount to all the clients who shared its product page on different social media platforms.

These are the different price lists of kratom products. If you are determined to use a kratom, questions like “how much is kratom?” is very easy to answer.

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