Is Kratom Legal in Oregon? Should You Use It If You’re a Resident?

One of the most controversial aspects of kratom consumption is kratom’s legality. The United States of America has declared it legal and safe to use.

However, some states still banned it either completely, with age restrictions, or have stated which kratom form is acceptable to use.

Two federal agencies control the legality of kratom:

  • DEA or The Drug Enforcement Administration

The DEA is mainly concerned with controlled substances. Their primary function is to make sure that prohibited drugs are not circulated.

Illegal activities that they can monitor include manufacturing, selling, or using of the banned substances.

  • FDA or The Food and Drug Administration

The FDA is in charge of the inspection of the plants where foods and drugs are made from. They oversee the safety standards with the production of these foods and drugs, which can lead to the products being approved or removed from the market.

These two agencies make sure that food and drugs are safe for public consumption. The FDA tests the products and DEA will use the test results as a basis for whether a particular product is legal or illegal.

Kratom products have been under scrutiny of both agencies. Furthermore, kratom has been very controversial during its early days of circulation.

In the year 2016, DEA has banned the public from using it. They placed the herb under Schedule I, which consists of controlled substances like heroin, marijuana, and LSD. However, the decision was reversed just several days after its declaration, which was primarily due to public protests.

The FDA, however, is still insistent that kratom is potentially hazardous to the public’s health. The agency released a statement that the herb is highly addictive because of its opioid compounds.

Kratom users, on the other hand, declare that although kratom use can be habitual, its withdrawal symptoms are the same when you stop drinking your coffee.

In other words, it can be addictive but will not make you dependent.

States Where Kratom Is Legal and Where It Is Not

These conflicting stands by the two regulating federal agencies are reasons why some states still ban or restrict the usage of kratom products.


The following are the states where products with kratom content are completely banned:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington D.C.
  • Wisconsin

The following are the states where products with kratom content are regularized with restrictions or a particular county or town in the state has banned it:

  • California (kratom is legal in the state overall but is banned in San Diego specifically)
  • Colorado
  • Florida (kratom is legal in the state overall but is banned in Sarasota County specifically)
  • Illinois (kratom is legal in the state overall but is banned in the cities of Alton and Jerseyville)
  • Oregon (kratom is legal in the state overall but is banned in Ontario City specifically)
  • Mississippi (kratom is legal in the state overall but is banned in Union County specifically)

For an extensive overview on your state’s ban status, you can check the kratom legality map.

What Is Kratom’s Legality in the State of Oregon?

Is Kratom Legal in Oregon? Should You Use It If You're a Resident?

One of the states that imposed restrictions on kratom usage is Oregon. Although kratom is generally legal in the state, its public health officials continue to warn people from consuming the herb.

They have conducted several tests where they found traces of salmonella in some samples of the herbal supplement. Two Oregonians reportedly fell ill after consuming kratom, and one was even hospitalized.

Ontario, the largest city in Malheur County, Oregon, made a resolution that banned kratom. The city’s resolution added the herbal supplement to its list of prohibited intoxicating chemicals.

For a more comprehensive understanding of Kratom Oregon law regarding the herb’s legality in your state, you can check updates on the kratom status in your area.

Furthermore, if you are a resident of Ontario City, Oregon, you might want to read the Ontario City Resolution No. #2011-111, which effectively banned kratom products in the area.

Kratom is still widely used in the U.S. because of its medicinal effects. It is used to treat medical issues like opioid addiction, anxiety, depression, and persistent pain.

Its legal status is still at risk because tests on kratom were mostly done on animal subjects.

Kratom remains legal while authorities are still trying to establish concrete evidence regarding the potentially harmful effects of the herb on the human body.

Since the drug authorities have not declared it as a medicine, but rather classified under food supplements, the herb is not regulated by the FDA.

You can still use kratom if you live in Oregon except if you are a resident of Ontario City. As a consumer, you should know that its regulation is solely the manufacturer’s responsibility.

Therefore, you should get your kratom from certified Oregon kratom vendors, who strictly control the quality of the kratom products that they sell.

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