Kratom as Treatment: Best Kratom for Social Anxiety

Many individuals are suffering from anxiety nowadays. It can be caused by various things or factors and can be treated by taking several over the counter drugs. Some are even dependent on medicines that can have adverse effects in the future.

Fortunately, many natural treatments or remedies can be used as an alternative for treating anxiety that doesn’t have side effects and does not develop tolerance. One of those alternatives is kratom.

Since kratom is becoming more and more popular, people are also becoming curious if it can treat anxiety. Although there are no studies that support the effectiveness of this product in treating anxiety, many kratom users claim that it is effective.

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety or also known as a social phobia is one of the most well-known kinds of anxiety disorders. People who experience this kind of anxiety have a fear of interacting with other individuals. They feel like they are always judged or criticized by people around them and they do not like to engage themselves in social gatherings or activities.

This disorder can stop the person from functioning socially in everyday activities.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Many symptoms can be associated with anxiety. If you fear that you may be experiencing this disorder, you can check if you have two or more of the symptoms below:

  • Disturbing thoughts
  • Fear of something terrible happening or dying
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty to breath
  • Stomach ache or nervous stomach
  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations and high heart rate

Other common symptoms of anxiety are the following:

  • Panic attacks
  • Fear of losing sanity
  • Extreme fear of people’s opinions and reactions
  • Obsessions
  • Over worrying
  • Blurry vision
  • Insomnia

Can kratom be used for anxiety?

Some of the medicines that are commonly used for anxiety are monoamine oxidase inhibitors, Tricyclics, SSRIs, and benzodiazepines. They can be effective for anxiety, but it can build the tolerance of the person using it. As a result, the user will suffer from addiction and can result in an increase of dosage over time.

Aside from those side effects, the user can also experience headaches, nausea, drowsiness and even amnesia.

Those adverse effects are the reason why more and more people are looking for alternative treatments or remedies.

What are the benefits of Kratom to a person with anxiety?

Kratom is popular for pain relief. It can ease rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, muscle pain, and even menstrual pain. In addition to the pain killing properties of kratom, it also has relaxing and calming properties. With that said kratom can aid a person with anxiety and lessen symptoms.

Kratom as Treatment: Best Kratom for Social Anxiety

Here are some of the benefits of kratom to anxiety:

  • Helps induce sleep
  • Relieves nausea and stomach ache
  • Alleviates muscle tension
  • Mitigates stress
  • Calms the mind

What is the best kratom for social anxiety?

If you are searching for the best kratom for social anxiety, then you should try White Vein Sumatra and Green Malay kratom.

The White Vein Sumatra kratom can give you energizing effects and induce a sense of euphoria. Other kratom users also claim that this kratom strain is a nootropic. It has different functions which are improving memory, focus, and attention.

On the other hand, Green Malay kratom can also give you both euphoric and energizing effects. This kratom strain is the perfect alternative for people who are suffering from social anxiety. It can enhance your focus, vivacity, and sociability.

What is the kratom dosage for social anxiety?

Now that you know the best kratom for social anxiety, you should also determine the appropriate dose for you.

If you are using it to treat social anxiety, you should take kratom at small or medium dosage. A higher dosage is meant for treating general anxiety disorder because it can give you a relaxing and calming effect.

It is recommended that you take one to two days break then a two to three days break. Moreover, you should combine it with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation.

Using the best kratom for social anxiety may not have side effects, but you must make sure that you give your body a break so you can avoid overdose symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and constipation.

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