Kratom Facts: How Long Does Kratom Stay in Urine?

Kratom has become quite the staple in many people’s diets today because of how stressful and tiring the world can get with just how fast it moves to keep the progress moving. While this means good state for the overall economy and bustling society – it does take quite a toll on the body, and without the help of the right supplements really begin to show and take quite the effects. This where kratom has entered the market and provided many the solution to all their pains, relieve them of stress, and better engage their energy all throughout the day.

However, no matter how good the effects and benefits kratom has given to all of its users, the current infamous reputation that media has built up has caused some dangerous repercussions. Despite of how good it can be and how productive it turns people into, many business and companies now require a test to be taken, one of which is being tested for is that of kratom. Who knew they would even include such an innocent, non-psychoactive herbal supplement into their repertoire, it’s just unimaginable and unreasonable!

Alas though, there is nothing much us kratomiums can do about it and for those who have upcoming drug tests beg the all-important question to be answered. How long does kratom stay in urine and what are the many steps we can take to fully flush the substance out of our body?

What Do We Know About Kratom So Far?

One of the major things we need to look at are correlated with how long you’ve been using kratom and just how tolerant you have become. Here are some very crucial questions you need to ask yourself beforehand:

  1. How much dosage do you take in when having your kratom?
  • Dosage can be quite the factor to take into account because the more you take in means that the effects will last much longer and therefore the half-life will also be increased by quite a lot. Ensure that you are aware of how much you are taking and then this will give you quite the number of days to start thinking about.
  1. How often do you take kratom?
  • Another major factor that will affect if it shows up or not is just how often you take in kratom and expose yourself to its benefits. If by any chances you just use it every now and then recreationally but not consistently then you are in quite the safe zone. However, if you do take it on a daily basis then you might have to go the extra mile to start flushing it out.
  1. When was the last time you had kratom?
  • If you know when the last time you had kratom was then you can easily start counting of the days where you haven’t used it. This will be your basis on how long you will have to keep on going to fully take out the kratom from your system.

Kratom Facts: How Long Does Kratom Stay in Urine?

What Are Any Other Factors That Affect It?

Since no two people are completely the same, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to factors that could deal quite the blow as to how long it will take to get flushed out. The following are factors you need to think about:

  1. Age – as we get older the body was not as good as it used to be when it came to cleaning and flushing the body out of all the food and supplements you’ve taken in. Processing and taking in the essential nutrients and minerals can take quite the time as you grow with age and therefore will mean that you must wait a little while longer to be fully clean.
  2. Body Fat – due to the nature of kratom’s alkaloids a higher percentage of body fat will mean that it may attach on to your fat and therefore will take a much longer time to dissolve. However, the absence of a lot of body fat will mean the opposite, you will be easily able to excrete all of the kratom that you’ve taken in and are on the less-worry side of the spectrum
  3. Genetics – if your family has been known to have quite the fast metabolism then this could easily work in your favour to lessen your worries.

What is The Average Days to Wait?

You will want to wait at least 1 week if you passed most of the questions and do good on the factors laid out. However, if you’ve managed to do poorly then you will have to wait of upwards 2 weeks to be cut off from kratom to fully flush it out of the system.

While it may be very intriguing to learn how long does kratom stay in urine, we can also help lessen the problem by increasing water intake to help naturally flush the body of any waste needed to be taken care of.

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