Kratom Guide: How to Smoke Kratom the Safe Way

Kratom users are always finding ways to enhance their experience. Recently, “how to smoke kratom” search has graced the Internet. Kratom users debate about whether smoking kratom is safe or not.

Others advise against it. Some say smoking would enhance its potency. Some say it would decrease its effect.

Whatever the effects of smoking kratom, you should be aware of its risks or benefits if there’s any. It’s up to you whether to smoke or not.

What are the Risks of Smoking Kratom?

Kratom is indeed a medicinal plant. However, when consumption is different from traditional ways, it may not produce the same effect. Smoking kratom is a lot similar to cigarette smoking. It may cause addiction, health problems, and severe side effects.

Is Kratom Addiction Possible?

You will need a large amount of kratom to achieve the desired effect. In capsule form, kratom is limited to 2 grams of alkaloid content.

Now, if you smoke it, you will need more than 2 grams of kratom. Approximately, 25 grams is the minimum amount for you to achieve the euphoric effect. This amount is too high.

If you smoke it on a daily basis, you’re overloading your body with alkaloids. This overload of alkaloids will make your body dependent on the substance. Based on the limited study done with kratom, this substance is highly addictive.

The bottom line is you’ll have a difficulty lowering the dosage without experiencing withdrawal syndrome after just weeks of smoking.

Are There Health Problems Associated with Kratom?

The number one problem you’ll encounter is damaged lungs. When you burn kratom powder, you’re at risk of inhaling the fine powder. 25 grams is a lot for the body to get rid of, much more for your lungs.

Any foreign object entering the lungs may pose risks. You’ll be compromising the good bacteria that are protecting your lungs.

Another health problem you probably might encounter is lung cancer. Damaged lungs, if left untreated for a very long time, might lead to cancer.

Less Effective, Costly and Impractical

Kratom Guide: How to Smoke Kratom the Safe Way

You’ll lose the effect of kratom when you burn it, especially at low dosage. That’s why kratom smokers need a large amount of the substance to feel relaxed and euphoric. Smoking a large amount of kratom will lead to bigger problems as mentioned above.

Smoking kratom is also impractical and costly. Since you’ll need at least 25 grams of powdered kratom or kratom leaves, you’ll consume your stock faster than chewing it or preparing it as tea.

Guide on How to Smoke Kratom

Now that you know the different risks, you can decide whether to try smoking or not. If you still want to smoke kratom, here is a detailed guideline on the different ways to drag it.

  • Smoking the Leaf

Some users would combine it with tobacco. They would insert the leaves of kratom before rolling the tobacco leaves.

Other methods include smoking kratom as a joint, in a hookah, or bong like you would use marijuana. The impact may vary from one user to another.

Some say that they feel relaxed, but the effects only last for 30 minutes or maybe less. As compared to chewing or drinking tea, smoking kratom is less effective.

  • Vaping Kratom

You can use specialized kratom liquids for vaping purposes. However, for kratom to be viable for vaping, the herbs have to undergo another way of extraction.

This process might not be as effective as those used in extracting kratom for regular consumption. The alkaloids present in the leaves disappear. It will make the kratom less effective than the usual.

  • Do-It-Yourself Methods

Burn the powder in a foil. Alternatively, you can stick metal to the powdered kratom and heat it with charcoal; then, inhale the smoke.

These ways on how to smoke kratom are kind of alluring. However, remember the risks of smoking kratom. It is not entirely safe.


At small dosage and done once, it won’t have any effect on your health. If you are just curious, take note first of all the risks before engaging in smoking kratom.

Moreover, if you want a much more potent effect, try other strains of the herb. Many varieties are available on the market.

You can also use other substances, such as phenibut, to enhance the effect of kratom. You see, there are different ways to potentiate the effects of kratom. All you have to do is to decide which method suits you best.

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