Kratom Issue: Will You Pass a Drug Test after Using a Strain?

People these days are going out of their comfort zone when it comes to treating certain health conditions. While some still prefer usual medicines being bought on nearby pharmacies, some are switching their usual medicines to alternative ones. People are considering alternative aids nowadays for treatment because of various reasons.

One reason why people admire alternative medicines now more than branded ones is because of its effectiveness. You buy a single tablet or capsule to treat a sole illness whereas with alternatives, you can buy a single tablet or capsule that can treat more than one illness. That’s how effective it is that people just can’t get enough of it.

Another reason why people prefer alternative medicines than branded ones is because it’s way cheaper. When it comes to buying medicines, budget should always be considered and it’s not easy buying unplanned expensive aids at all. This is why alternative aids work really well to people who are sticking on a tight budget.

There are numerous alternative aids now in the market. Of all those being offered, one of the struggles of new users is determining which is which. If you want to switch to alternative ones, you should certainly check out Kratom. If it doesn’t ring a bell to you, here’s what you need to know more about this wonder herb.

Exploring What Kratom Is and Where It Came From

Kratom is also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa. It’s a native tropical plant from South Asian areas, mainly in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. You’d be surprised to know that despite of being a part of the coffee family, this plant’s leaves are often used than its seeds or fruits.


Kratom is getting its effectiveness from its leaves extracts. Its leaves are potent enough to function effectively, thanks to its active alkaloid contents; 7-hydroxymitragynine and alkaloids mitragynine. These alkaloids are being extracted under different processes to produce different strain products such as tablets, capsules, pastes, liquids and even teas.

Exploring Kratom Further: Some Advantages to Consider

Kratom has been widely used by a lot of alternative medicine switches because it’s functional and versatile to treat various physical and even mental conditions. This is how effective it is hence people keep on supporting its use.

Here are some great advantages you can get from using this wonder herb:

  • Kratom is known to be an effective painkiller. It has exceptional analgesic effects that cure chronic and severe pain. If you’re struggling with these kinds of pain, you can use this aid as it can treat you immediately.
  • Kratom is also known to be an effective energy booster. If you’re lacking the energy to keep you up all day for extra tasks in the office or in school, you can use this aid to increase your energy level. It boosts alertness and productive, resulting in a better performance.
  • Kratom provides tranquillity and great rest. This aid is also known because of its sedative effects. If you’re looking for something to ease your long, tiring day, then you can use this aid for calmness and relaxation.
  • Kratom can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. This aid is also known as anti-depressants. If you’re feeling a bit low and you want to feel better, this aid is great for relief. It can reduce your stress level and ease your depression or anxiety attacks.

Kratom Issue: Will You Pass a Drug Test after Using a Strain?


These are just some of its advantages but as you can see, Kratom is versatile enough to provide these treatments in just a single consumption. This is why the number of people using it increases from time to time but for aspiring users, their worries are whether it’s detectable on physical examinations. You’re about to find out whether it is detectable or not.

Usage of Kratom: Can It Really Be Detected in Drug Tests?

If you’re planning to use Kratom, you have to think of your upcoming activities or appointments if there’s a need for a physical examination, especially if you’ve applied for a job. People’s interest in using strain lead them to the question; “Can kratom show up on drug test?”

There’s no problem at all if you want to use Kratom but you have to pay attention because it will certainly show on drug tests. If you have a scheduled physical examination, make sure you don’t consume it a week before your schedule because it can be recognized in your urine. Moreover, it can even fail on a blood test if you use it 3-4 days before your scheduled test.

It’s very important to stick with these precautions if you want to pass a drug test despite the usage of strain. Surely it has a lot of advantages but it will still show up on drug tests which may mess up your opportunity to have a job. Just keep in mind to stop consuming it a week, or two for better results, so you can pass a drug test.

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