Kratom Liver Damage: Is It Really Possible?

Medications always affect human bodies. While some are beneficial, some are detrimental. The fact is, all medications can affect the liver.

Kratom is no different from other medications. Yes, it is not a dangerous drug, but it has been used as a measure to manage different conditions like pain. This remedy is the same remedy of opiate which has a record of damaging the liver.

If Kratom can affect the liver, the question is directed on whether or not it damages the liver. There is no direct to the point answer since there are a lot of factors to consider. As you can see, prescribed medications are not harmful to the liver if you follow the recommended dosage.

Acquiring a Basic Knowledge of Kratom

First of all, Kratom is a herbal plant derived from a tropical tree called Mitragyna speciosa. This plant belongs to a coffee family which is popular in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. The plant has been used as a botanical medication for decades. According to the research, it has been used to increase energy and stamina, treat chronic pain, diarrhea, treat chronic pain and as an alternative remedy for opium

Every single leaf of Mitragyna speciosa contains multiple components like psychoactive alkaloids having opioid-like effects. Its psychoactive effects have made people consume it the same way as a cannabis drug. If you consume higher doses, it can cause hypertension, agitation,  confusion, and dyspnea.

Understanding the Mechanism of a Human Liver

Located in the abdominal cavity specifically in the right upper quadrant, the human liver is the only large human organ that can repair and grow itself. Being a part of the digestive system, it produces substances to make the foods you consumed digestible, and filters the toxins that enter our body. Last but not least, the human liver filters the elements we ingest and dispose of all harmful substances that enter in the body.

Will Kratom Damage One’s Liver?

Kratom Liver Damage: Is It Really Possible?

When it comes to active elements of Kratom, they are mostly metabolites and alkaloids that have the same properties of opiates. These substances may affect the brain receptors just like how real opiates work in the body. Because of this, Kratom can be used to manage different ailments and diseases which are treated traditionally with opioids.

These ailments are depression, anxiety, opiate withdrawal, and arthritis. This has led many to wonder whether kratom can turn out harmful to their liver. Generally, Kratom is not bad for your liver. According to the research, there are no dangerous adverse effects which are present in opioids, even though it acts the same way.

Recommended Dosage to Avoid Liver Damage

Generally, Kratom is not dangerous provided you are following the recommended dosage. In other words, you need to ensure that you are not taking doses more than the recommended amount. This is for the protection of your life to avoid from experiencing unpleasant adverse effects.

To avoid experiencing any tolerance development, keep in mind that substances can cause liver damage when you take them in excess. Furthermore, this is not only damage to your liver but other body organs as well. You should understand that kratom is not different from this mechanisms.

Yes, kratom has many benefits, but you should use it wisely and cautiously by following the recommended tips regarding doses. As you can see, a regular dosage is not harmful to your liver, and this is there if you are purchasing the product from top sellers. Buying it from poor quality sellers could be dangerous.

What You Should Know About Hepatotoxicity

If you use Kratom for a long time, you should know that it has been linked with acute liver injury. Within 3 to 9 weeks of regular consumption of kratom tablets or powder, the onset of injury will begin to arise. The symptoms of nausea, fatigue, dark urine, pruritus, and jaundice will be present.

If you want to use Kratom but are afraid of its effect on the liver, keep in mind to follow the right dosage and purchase it from top sellers. Kratom is not dangerous by itself if the consumer is vigilant. It begins with how the consumer deals with himself and his purchase.

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