Kratom Supplements in GNC: Can You Find One?

The biggest challenge for consumers of kratom is the supplier or the seller. Yes, there are online stores and specialty stores that sell kratom products. However, there is a big cloud of uncertainty and distrust that tainted online kratom stores.

Why? People don’t trust easily, especially those who value their money’s worth. You probably don’t want to buy something at higher price when in fact it is sold at a price way lower than that, right?

The availability of kratom has contributed to the customer’s trust and has lead the customers to turn into legit drug and supplements sellers like GNC. You’ve probably heard, tried, or seen GNC products and how the brand was able to build trust among its customers. Considering that GNC is a trusted provider of medicines and supplements, do they also sell kratom supplements?

There’s no harm in asking a GNC branch. But, the answer is no. This article will tell you why GNC doesn’t sell kratom supplements. Read on and understand why kratom cannot enter the doors of GNC.

Legality of Kratom

The legality of Kratom in the United States varies from one state to another. States like Wisconsin, Tennessee, Vermont, Indiana, and Alabama have declared the kratom as a schedule one drug. This drug classification makes Kratom’s status similar to cocaine and heroin. Thus, kratom is effectively banned.

There are only 46 states that allow the use of kratom. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed to classify kratom as a schedule one drug which makes it illegal for usage and sale. However, kratom advocates have stated their arguments.

Advocates stated that kratom is a natural substance and that the DEA have no evidence of its detrimental effects to the user. In fact, no study has been made regarding Kratom’s effects. Thus, the DEA was forced to pull back the proposal.

Because of the mixed views of government authorities and kratom users, kratom still sits in a gray area. However, you are almost lucky if you’re in the United States. Why almost? As stated above, there are only a few states who banned kratom.

Kratom Supplements in GNC

You might’ve read this far but it is still a no. GNCs don’t sell kratom. GNC sell multivitamins and supplements that have been allowed for general consumption. The fact that kratom still lies on the gray area is the reason why GNC doesn’t sell it.

Kratom Supplements in GNC: Can You Find One?

Whether people argue that kratom has proven to have beneficial effects, it is still a risky action to take. Kratom might be abused if people can just buy it alongside multivitamins and other supplements. You wouldn’t want kratom’s reputation to be stained by abuse of its own users, right?

But, there are several reasons why GNCs cannot sell kratom.

  1. Lack of scientific approval of Kratom’s effects

There is little to no study in the scientific community that could attest to the beneficial effects of kratom. Yes, people say that it’s good and it helped them in their mental health struggles and pain medication. But, they’re just people.

They don’t have scientific and medical authority. They are just but a bunch of hearsays and speculation.

  1. Lack of support from authorities

Just like the predicament above, the DEA and FDA tried to ban kratom. In fact, after they pulled back the charges, they released an advisory that kratom entails many “deadly risks” and they cited 36 deaths pointing at kratom.

That’s a smear to kratom’s reputation. And with this kind of treatment, it’s a long way for kratom to be out of the spotlight. GNC might not want to be in the gray area with the authorities.

  1. Weak supply chain

The demand for kratom increases every second, but the supply does not. Kratom naturally grows in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. The cultivation and harvest of kratom is not as easy as harvesting apples and oranges.

The process takes a long time. It’s hard to mass produce kratom. Cultivating it even takes more time. GNC might’ve the trouble in finding adequate supply. And in basic economics, a low supply increases the price.

It might be painful for you to know that GNC won’t sell kratom. But, just hope for the best. Kratom will gain acceptance in time.

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