Kratom Vendors That Gave Free Kratom Samples in 2017

It is very easy to determine whether a kratom vendor is profit-oriented or gives importance to their customer’s welfare. Those vendors that are very customer-oriented can give you rewards. If their priority is satisfying their customers, they will provide you with rewards that will surely make you want to come back and reorder.

Some vendors give freebies, rewards, or free samples that can give you the chance to try different products for free before purchasing. It is like trying a new beverage that you have not tasted before, and if you are satisfied with the taste and everything, that’s the time that you will decide if you will buy it or not.

Since we are talking about free samples, here is a list of vendors that gave free kratom samples in 2017:

Kratom Vendors That Gave Free Kratom Samples in 2017

1. Legit Kratom

This kratom vendor is one of the vendors that supply high-quality kratoms online. They get their kratom products from reputable and legit sources in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. With the name “Legit Kratom,” they make sure that their store follows a certain standard for their kratom products.

Aside from supplying one of the highest quality kratoms in the market, they also have excellent customer service that makes them worth a try.

They also give free kratom samples, which other vendors are not doing. They feature one free kratom sample of 30g occasionally. This vendor usually gives out the green kratom strain.

If you do not like the results that their samples provide, then you can return it to them within a month.

2. Gaia Ethnobotanicals

This vendor belongs to the list of vendors that are much-acclaimed and reputable in the market. They have a lot of kratom variants and a lot of payment methods as well.

They don’t give out free samples of kratom, but they can provide you with a welcome sample that includes a pack of five kratom strains sold at a discounted price. It is an excellent deal as you can save a few bucks on your first purchase.

Here are the five kratom strains that are included in your welcome sampler from this vendor:

  • Green Kapuas Hulu
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Elephant
  • Bali Gold

That pack of five kratom strains above can cost you $25.

3. Kratomind

This vendor is Indonesia-based, specifically in Bali, which is where the perfect kratom strain can be found. In connection with that, Kratomind is one of the few suppliers that sell the most natural and freshest kratom online. Fortunately, this vendor gives you a chance to take home some kratom samples for free and try them out before buying.

Kratomind is a bit generous in giving free kratom samples. If you are a new customer, you can get four kratom samples of varying strains. If you are satisfied with the free samples and decide to purchase, you can get a discount on selected strains.

4. Kraoma

This store was founded by a kratom enthusiast and an IT specialist in the year 2015. Kraoma has significantly grown over the years since they only started from shipping only 20 kilos to supplying wholesale kratom. They are the first vendor that sold one kilo of kratom at below $100.

Kraoma will allow you to try two free kratom strain samples, and you are the one to choose what strain you want to try. The samples are 10g for each strain. They offer these free samples to gain your trust and to ensure that you will be not purchasing kratom from fake kratom vendors since you get to try it first.

To get the free samples, you must pay $6.49, which is a payment for priority mail. The shipping can usually take 2 to 3 days. If you are a returning customer, you can get a new free sample for every purchase.

Moreover, the company will give a notice if ever the strain you want to order is out of stock.

Established kratom vendors gave free kratom samples in 2017 instead of just doing away with the entire thing. New or even promising kratom vendors do this, and some vendors begin by giving out their company’s startup stock as free samples to establish their stores. Other vendors may give you free samples without having to purchase a minimum amount, but one thing is for sure, you will pay the shipping fee.

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