Legitimate Guides in Finding the Best Kratom Alternative

If you are afraid of taking kratom, you must find the best kratom alternative.

There are lots of alternatives you can find online. However, the problem is on the reliability of the information posted on different websites.

To provide you a legitimate source of alternatives, read the article here.

Best Kratom Alternatives That are Safe for All Users

Legitimate Guides in Finding the Best Kratom Alternative

  • Piper methysticum (Kava Kava). This plant is endemic to South Pacific.

The Kava kava is mainly used to manage anxiety, aid in proper sleep, and relax the muscles after strenuous activities. However, this plant is considered as a non- stimulating; thus, it is not suited for energy hype.

This plant contains chemicals called as kavalactones. The kavalactones target the central nervous system of the person which will eventually lead to an extreme calmness state.

  • Mitragyna hirsuta. This plant is deemed to be a close relative of kratom plant. The two belong to the same genus, and the only difference is their respective species.

In Vietnam and Thailand, this plant is called as Kra Thum Khok. It is used as an alternative pain reliever and muscle relaxant. Mitragyna hirsuta‘s kratom-like effect can be traced to its alkaloid content –  the mitraphylline.

Just like kratom products, this plant serves as a stimulant when taken at a lower dose. Meanwhile, if you take this at a higher dose, expect an extreme sedative episode.

  • Mitragyna javanica. This is another close relative of the kratom. The only difference between the two is the set of chemicals found in the leaves.

Unlike kratom that contains mitragynine, this alternative holds the alkaloid mitrajavine in its leaves.

The Mitragyna javanica is primarily used as an active agent to lower the blood pressure. Unfortunately, you cannot use this plant as a pain reliever or a tool for opiate withdrawal.

  • Picralima nitida (Akuamma Seeds). This is commonly referred to as the kratom of Africa. But unlike the kratom that uses the leaves, the Picralima nitida primes its seeds as the source of active alkaloids.

This plant has akuammine alkaloid that acts as an effective painkiller.  Also, this kratom alternative provides a cognitive uplift that ensures a good flow of all brain processes.

  • Phenibut. Same as with the kratom, this is very effective in managing anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

The Phenibut is considered as a depressant of the central nervous system and configures or sets the brain’s GABA system that is responsible for the control of the nervous system (parasympathetic).

  • Marijuana  (Cannabis sativa/indica). This is the most controversial alternative of kratom all over the world. Most of the countries in Asia even treat the use of marijuana as an illegal act and is punishable of decades-long imprisonment.  But in the other parts of the globe, this is a very good tool to lift one’s body and mind.

Kratom and marijuana induce almost the same effect on the body and mind. The only difference is their system. Kratom relies its positive claims on alkaloids, while marijuana is on molecules called as cannabinoids.

  • Paullinia cupana (Guarana). If you want to try an alternative that’s endemic to the Amazon forest, you must purchase a Guarana.

This is just a shrub with seeds looking very similar to the human eyes.  But do not belittle this tropical shrub because it contains the highest caffeine content around the plant kingdom.

So, if you want to get an energy hype four times that of coffee, try a Guarana today.

These are just some of the kratom alternatives that you can try.

Some of the newbies asked ‘why is there a need to find kratom alternative?’ To provide you with reasons, keep reading.

Reasons why Kratom Users Switched to Alternatives

  • Addictive. Kratom is a highly addictive plant. In the U.S. alone, a margin of people died due to the overdosed intake of kratom. This is one reason why there are people who preferred to find ease in alternatives.
  • Classified as Opioid.  The FDA classified kratom strains as opioid. This means that kratom plant is capable of inducing morphine-like effects. This is a hazardous substance since it targets the central nervous system.

These are some of the reasons and information that made the use of kratom alternative a logical and safe move.

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