The Reason Why It Is Best for Kratom to Treat for Social Anxiety

The social anxiety disorder is most common to people who are experiencing too much stress from work and everywhere. It is a feeling of being nervous with people around them without valid a reason. Although the cause is unknown, most of the time if not controlled will affect the total wellbeing of a person.

Fortunately, the kratom is known to be effective to cure anxiety. In fact, it is quite popular among users globally because the effect is like a synthetic medication such as opioids. Instead of buying this expensive drug, these people are utilizing the herbal plant making it an alternative treatment of such condition.

This plant has mitragynine component, a unique alkaloid content which binds different receptor cells in the body to give a desired effect. It produces more chemical in the brain which can give relaxing capabilities and calming effects. Therefore, this improves the mental functioning, prevent stress, relieves tension of the muscles and improves sleeps.

Although synthetic medication is known to be short-acting when it comes to delivering results from anxiety, the side effects are quite devastating. That is why people are looking for a much more natural which gives fewer negative results. So, kratom is the exquisite and best alternative.

What Are the Best Kratom Varieties for Treating Social Anxiety?

There are varieties today that are effective to treat social anxiety, and these are:

  1. Green Malay Kratom- this has specific euphoric effect which can enhance energy boosting. In fact, users accounts this as the most effective alternative when someone is dealing from this condition. Of course, study reveals that this type increases vivacity, sociability and improves focus.
  2. White Vein Sumatra– this has unique energy boosting effects as well as euphoric level.
  3. Red Vein- according to some experts it is very effective if this type is being combined by the first two mentioned above. It quite a big improvement of the result because the alkaloids will become more potent which is why it gives a powerful effect against social anxiety. Moreover, it is safe to use even among teenagers.
  4. Maeng Da- after taking this, most users claimed to be more relaxed and more talkative. They even didn’t afraid of talking to some strangers. This is the reason why some individuals prefer this one from the other varieties.

Therefore, you must consider these types if you are having social anxiety for it can relieve you from it.

Best Kratom for Social Anxiety: The Recommended Dosage Suitable for a Person

Using kratom to treat this kind of condition, experts have recommended starting a small or moderate amount. The high dose of this is highly effective for obtaining a relax, calm and beneficial effect for alleviating social anxiety.

The Reason Why It Is Best for Kratom to Treat for Social Anxiety


In the general sense, it is also important to have a desired routine when taking kratom. First, take it for about 2 day straight. Second, take 2-3 days break. This is to make sure that you will now develop dependency of this strain.

Kratom: Does This Have Negative Results When Taken Exclusively

If used so and no abuse of dosages, then there are no possible effects of this. However, when taken beyond the recommended dose will worsen the condition and even lead to panic attacks. Some may experience dizziness, lightheadedness and vomiting.

That is why when taking this you need to begin at a very small dose before increasing. This will give time for your body to adjust to the different effects and prevent any untoward reaction. Always remember to be a responsible user and not by abusing this.

How Kratom Works for Social Anxiety and Its Mechanism of Action?

This plant helps by releasing dopamine chemicals which gives the user a happy feeling. Additionally, it also produces relaxing and confident experience. The excessive amount will lead to euphoric levels that is why the user’s energy will get boosted and at the end relieving social anxiety.

Study showed the relation between kratom and social anxiety and had found that it acts as an opioid-like blocker which gives the results of relieving distress, tension and pain. Of course, this does not give addictive effects unlike the opioid medication. If you want to experience relaxation, you may result to Kratom.

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