Top 5 Trustworthy and Best Sites to Buy Kratom Online

Decades ago, selling kratom is illegal. However, research and studies dispel the wrong notion of people about kratom. Now, search engines are teeming with results on the best site to buy kratom.

People with chronic pain and opioid withdrawal syndrome are always searching for ways to end their ordeal. For them, kratom is a haven.

Top 5 Trustworthy and Best Sites to Buy Kratom Online

Below are the top five sites where you can buy Kratom:


Based in Oregon, Portland, the site offers many options in its kratom category. It provides different delivery options including a same-day delivery, provided you’ve ordered before the cut-off time.

The site only accepts eCheck, Bitcoin, collect on delivery and money order. It doesn’t accept credit cards, unfortunately. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The customer service of Phytoextractum is excellent. It may have had a rough year wherein it received negative feedbacks. However, the company worked on improving their customer service.

Right now, customers’ feedbacks are nothing but positive reviews. The company’s products, particularly kratom, are composed of the finest and excellent quality.

Click here to visit the kratom site.

The site only sells one product, which is kratom in different strains. It also sells live plants. Founded by Joshua Fulton in 2015, Coastline Kratom has become the leading company in Kratom industry.

This company is one of the best sites to buy kratom because of its unique way of producing and extracting Kratom. Its products come from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia where people have experiences in cultivating and harvesting Kratom.

Coastline Kratom offers the green, red, and white variety of the Bali Kratom, Horned Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and Borneo Kratom.

If you want to save up in buying or want to retail, this company offers a wholesale option. All you have to do is contact them and check out their site here.

The site sells different kratom extracts. These are in powdered form, capsules, and tea leaves. Their newest addition is the liquid extract.

The company sells excellent quality products. Its GMP standards are of the highest level. It continues to improve its manufacturing system to ensure delivery of superior kratom extracts.

Kraken Kratom is working closely with a laboratory. Before shipping, the company guarantees that it sends out its products to a lab for testing.

Modes of payment include credit card (American Express only), echeck of up to $200, Bitcoin and COD (collect on delivery). Shipping costs may vary. There’s no minimum order required.

Check out the site in here. You’ll find that the site is easy and simple to use.

This site sells kratom extracts in capsules and powder form. Its varieties include the white, red, green, yellow and gold strains.

PurKratom displays its lab and test results on its site. A laboratory provides the results. These results assure its customers.

The company ships only to the different states in the United States and Hawaii. It accepts credit card and international payment methods.

The site has excellent customer service, making it another best site to buy kratom. It provides customers with options for follow-up orders. Check out their website here.

The site sells kratom capsules only. This site is great for beginners who are not familiar with the right amount of doses to consume.

Its products are of excellent quality. However, the strains available with this site are limited.

The company does not ship to international customers yet. Shipping fees depend on product weight and your state.

Customer service is excellent and real-time. The company uses interactive chat to communicate with its customers.

You can check out the site here.

Tips for Selecting the Best Site to Buy Kratom

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sites on the internet that offer kratom extracts. Every one of them is claiming that they deliver high-quality products. You can use the list above to shop for kratom.

However, if you want to try other sites, here are a few tips to remember in selecting:

  • Each strain has different effects. Make sure that the site offers at least three of the available strains. The site should discuss the impact of the strain on a person in details.
  • Some sites don’t offer credit card options. If you opt for credit card transactions, make sure to read in their FAQ first before placing an order. See if the mode of payment includes a credit card.
  • Ensure that the site is collaborating with a lab to tests its products to avoid contamination. These lab results ensure the excellent quality of products you’re ordering.
  • Don’t just read on the positive reviews about a site. Check also the negative feedback from customers.
  • After-sales issues are common in online transactions. Make sure that the site has excellent customer service. You can check it out by sending a message and see how quickly they respond.


Finding the best site to buy kratom might be difficult at first. However, customer reviews and list of tips like the one above will help you select the best.

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