Understanding How Long Does Kratom Last?

This herbal plant has an active ingredient of alkaloid content known as mitragynine that is responsible for giving different effects to those taking this. Its action is to stimulate the brain which produces opioid-like effects and also minimizes the response to pain. As it reaches into the brain, it immediately influences the person’s mood by creating a euphoric effect.

The active component on this enhances the hormones which are responsible for boosting the mood. So, after you consume this, you can already feel that you are high since the hormones are stimulated. Others even claimed that it is similar to the effect of heroin and opioid.

When you take kratom, the effects usually appear after 15 to 20 minutes. If you take this on a small dose, it can last up to 2 hours. Otherwise, if you consume it on a higher dose, it may stay on the body up to 8 hours. In general, the climax of its effect may happen at roughly 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours.

Those who consistently take this is noticeable during 3-4 days. It can be detected for any blood test specifically designed to detect kratom in the blood. In 7 days some experts claimed that it could be visible in urine using a special test exclusively for kratom.

Overall, some pieces of evidence suggest that for that long-term user the substance may stay at an average of 5.5 days before the system is clear for kratom.

Are There Factors That May Influence the Stay of Kratom in the Body?

Understanding How Long  Does Kratom Last?

There are fewer variables that may affect the duration of kratom inside the human body. These includes:

1.Age- when the age is more advanced the half-life of this substance will take longer to eliminate. This is because the organs, especially the renal system changes and is less responsive in eliminating the by-product of kratom. Therefore, the older you are, the longer it will stay in your body.

2. Food and water intake- when you consume this on a high fat-diet then it is faster to absorb. A full stomach helps in reaching the peak levels of the substance thereby, achieving its full potential effect. Aside from that, hydration plays a huge impact on kratom excretion. The more hydrated you are, the faster it is eliminated in your system because you will constantly feel the urge to urinate.

3. Body fat- the alkaloid content of this substance is highly fat soluble. So, it may affect the retention of this in relation to your body fat percentage. The high your fat content in the body, the more likely it will stay longer on your system. Otherwise, if you have a lesser fat percentage, then it is faster to be eliminated.

Does Kratom Stay Longer in the Body?

Since there are factors which may affect the retention of these substances in the body, it somehow stays longer as expected. If you have any of these factors mentioned above, then the average days of it to stay is probably around 5-7 days. Therefore, there are tests which are specially designed to detect a specific alkaloid that can make the result positive.

When testing your urine samples, there is a typical 10-panel drug test that helps in detecting a certain alkaloid found in kratom. The research about this laboratory test indicates that some trace amounts can be detectable in the urine even it is a week after the person consumes it. So, you still can be positive in this type of test.

On the blood test, on the other hand, there is also a test that can detect the concentration of kratom. If you are, for example, uses this on a long time then the possibility of having a positive result is possible. It can be seen several days after taking the substance.

In several parts of the USA where it is banned to use, they come up in a laboratory designed to detect the alkaloids in kratom in urine and blood specifically. It is their basis to confirm if a person is abusing this plant thereby, giving appropriate punishment for not abiding the laws and regulation of controlled substances.

Therefore, anyone finds positive may be at risk for imprisonment or financial penalty.

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