What Is Maeng Da Kratom? Find Out Its History, Effects, and Dosages

The History of Kratom

What Is Maeng Da Kratom? Find Out Its History, Effects, and Dosages

You may already know that Kratom is available in three different strains – the white, red, and green strain. However, all of these come from the red leaves.

Yes, you read that right. All these strains were derived from the red leaves of the Kratom tree. The three colors are the products of different drying techniques harvesters use.

Also, the results of Kratom strains will heavily depend on the environment and its conditions when the trees were harvested.

For instance, if the leaves matured during the wet season, the effects will have less potency compared to those that matured during the dry season.

  • The White Strain

Usually, the leaves are dried completely indoors with no light.

  • The Green Strain

Green strain Kratom undergoes the drying technique inside a room that’s air-conditioned with almost no light. Then, they’ll be transferred outside to continue the process for at least another hour.

  • The Red Strain

It’s made by packing the leaves in bags while they undergo the drying process indoors. This technique generates the fermentation process.

  • The Yellow Strain

It is the product of the combination of other strains. In most cases, manufacturers use the red and green strains.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da, which translates to ‘pimp grade,’ has one of the most potent effects among the Kratom strains. It is produced by applying the traditional art of splicing to come up with a better alternative to the Thai Kratom.

The brilliant engineering of Maeng Da enables enhanced stability in its growth process. Also, it becomes less prone to the changes in its environment.

The herbal product harvested from the Kratom tree is valued in Thailand for its high potency. Thus, it earned the nickname Maeng Da.

Its leaves are dark green, and it has a strong and pleasant odor. After grinding the leaves until they turn to powder, they will display a bright green color.

Where Maeng Da Kratom Is Grown

The real Maeng Da Kratom is solely from a remote area in the country of Indonesia. This area is abundant in tropical forests, making it the ideal setting to grow the strongest Kratom strain.

While for its higher potency, it’s a result of the ancient art of splicing the herb. It’s either because it’s a mixture of two Kratom strains or because the maturation process is sped up.

How Much Maeng Da Kratom Is

Aside from asking “what is Maeng Da Kratom?” a lot of people also want to know how much it really costs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Knowing the average price of this potent and popular herb will prevent you from getting scammed. Also, if it’s too cheap, you can double check if what they’re selling is of top-quality or not.

Because of its popularity, the Maeng Da is available in most online merchants. In an average, a one-ounce packet of the strain will cost around $14.

However, many online suppliers will offer a discount if you purchase in bulk. If you decide that Maeng Da is your best choice of Kratom, it’s recommended that you buy it in higher quantities so you can enjoy discounts and freebies.

What the Proper Dosage Is for Maeng Da

As always, you must start with a smaller dose if it’s your first time using Maeng Da. Usually, Kratom enthusiasts use either two of the methods in determining the proper dose: the classic teaspoon or a digital scale.

The standard measurement is ½ teaspoon which is equal to 1.5 grams of the Kratom powder.

The advised dosages are:

  • For newbies: two grams
  • An average dose: three to five grams
  • For experienced users: five to nine grams

Because of its high alkaloid concentration, you’re only allowed to use twenty percent lesser quantity compared to the other Kratom strains.

For instance, if you normally ingest five grams of the Red Borneo, you must only use four grams of the Maeng Da.

Now, you’re well-informed about the strongest Kratom. So, what is Maeng Da Kratom for you?

For many, it’s the Kratom strain that has superior quality. The euphoric effects may not be as effective as the other strains, but the energizing effects, on the other hand, are very satisfying. So go ahead, try it and experience why people love this strain so much.

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