What You Must Know Before Using Kratom for Depression and Anxiety

If you are suffering from depression, you know that its effects can overpower you. You hate the feeling of hopelessness, so you try to find a cure. You come across kratom for depression and anxiety, and you start to ask if this can work for you.

Kratom is not a miracle drug although it can treat depression symptoms over the short-term. In most cases, people achieve dramatic relief.

Using Kratom for Depression and Anxiety

You can achieve relief if you know how to use kratom. For starters, you need to know some important factors.

How Kratom Helps You

What You Must Know Before Using Kratom for Depression and Anxiety

  • Mood enhancer

Kratom is effective in enhancing your mood. Various strains have shown their efficacy in strengthening emotions. For example, the White Borneo strain helps reduce mental stress and pressure.

If you encounter something unexpected in your life, you engage in negative contemplations that can result in activities that may be harmful to your body. You need to get a hold of yourself and eradicate negative thinking.

Kratom helps moderate your thinking patterns so that you gain positive sentiments. By using it, you turn away from melancholy and gain an optimistic perspective.

  • Energy Booster

Kratom makes your body ooze with energy. If you start using it, you will notice your body gain strength and stamina enough to last for the day.

  • Cognition Improver

Kratom keeps your mind sharp. It enhances your cognitive abilities. You can improve your focus so that you can finish your tasks easily and quickly.

  • Body Relaxer

If you are under stress, you know that it affects all your systems. Kratom helps you relax because it calms your brain and then spreads throughout your body.

  • Pain Reliever

Kratom is also famous for its analgesic property. As you sink into depression and anxiety, you also experience physical pain. If you are under continuous stress, you experience body pain and headaches.

Fortunately, kratom can help ease your pains easily.


Kratom can generate different reactions from users. As such, you must know that it can be tricky to decide on the dosage because each person has different brain chemistry.

Thus, it is best to start with a low dosage if you are to use kratom for depression and anxiety. Then, you increase the dosage if you feel that it is not enough for your needs.

For a 150-lb person, the suggested dose is as follows:

  • Light: 2 to 3 grams
  • Moderate: 3 to 5 grams
  • Heavy: 5 to 7 grams

The problem with kratom is that if you use the low dosage, you may not gain relief from your depression symptoms. However, if you use a high dosage, you may feel sedated. Thus, you must experiment on the dosage that will work for you.

Usage Intervals

For treating depression, most experts suggest that you do not use kratom regularly. You can develop tolerance to it if you use it daily. If it happens, you can experience less of its anti-depressant effects; thus, you need to use it as needed only.

A minority of users like taking kratom daily as a supplement. However, the decision lies with your body chemistry. Therefore, you need to experiment to generate the best results.

The Right Kratom Strain

Before you use kratom, you must learn first the kratom strain that can help treat depression symptoms. Again, every person’s brain chemistry is unique; as such, what works for others may not work for you. So, you experiment.

  • White Veins

White veins are famous for treating depression symptoms because they are less sedating than the other strains. Moreover, you do gain tolerance on it quickly. White veins have subtle and energetic effects that will make you naturally happy.

This type of strain does not lose its potency even if you use it over the long term.

  • Green Veins

Some people responded excellently to green vein strains. You can try them, but you have to ensure that you pick those strains with less sedating properties, like the green vein Malaysian and the green vein Thai.

  • Red Veins

Red veins allow you to concentrate and focus. They calm and soothe your mind. You will feel comfortable and happy. Some strains can result in peaceful sleep and sedation.

  • Maeng Da and Thai Strains

Thai strains provide the most energy. If you want a potent kick of heat and euphoria, you can use the Maeng Da and Thai strains. However, you cannot use them every day because you will develop a high tolerance for these strains.

Maeng Da and Thai strains can offer amazing benefits if you use them only as needed.

  • Borneo Strains

This kratom strain is effective in treating anxiety and chronic pain. Furthermore, it produces minimal side effects. Thus, you can be flexible about the dosage.

However, you can expect to experience a higher sedative effect for higher doses. If you suffer from sleeplessness, you can take a higher dose.

  • Indo Strains

The Indonesian kratom is the most popular among the strains. However, its effects vary depending on the vein color, the plant, and the season.

Indo kratom can elevate the mood and offer pain relief. Also, it has sedating and relaxation properties. If you use this strain, you can experience a long-lasting effect of an energy boost.

For best results, you must choose the white vein Indo strain.

  • Bali Strains

The Bali kratom strains are most common. They help fight anxiety and provide sedative effects. They are inexpensive, so most users prefer them.

If you decide to use this strain, you must know that high doses can make you nauseous.

Creating a Long-Term Treatment Plan

Kratom can be an excellent treatment for your depression; however, you need to combine it with other natural compounds if you are in it for the long term. You can use holy basil, ashwagandha, or Rhodiola Rosea.

Also, you need to be mindful of your diet. Taking omega-3 oils have shown considerable improvements in people with bipolar disorders and depression.

You can also try meditation and exercise to relieve depression symptoms.

Some Words of Caution

If you are suffering from moderate to massive depression, you must consult your psychiatrist before using kratom. Furthermore, if you are taking antidepressants, you must not combine them.

It is not advisable to ditch the medicines once you start using kratom. Thus, the best advice is always to talk to your medical practitioner about using it.

Kratom for depression and anxiety provides additional help in battling the disorder. Using it when you have a moderate to massive depression is not beneficial unless your doctor approves its use.

Kratom uplifts your moods and gives you a boost of energy to combat helplessness, pessimism, and negativism. Depression sufferers have these symptoms.

The use of kratom does not provide long-term effects. If you take kratom for depression and anxiety, you can expect to experience the results for at most five hours.

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