Where to Buy Kratom Products Online

In this day and age, Kratom is gaining popularity at quite a speedy rate, as increasing numbers of individuals find out about the benefits it can bring to one’s mental and emotional well-being – so long as it’s used in moderation. Despite its growing fame, however, it is still a fairly obscure substance, and hence finding a dependable source from which to buy Kratom can be rather difficult.

As with many goods not sold widespread through conventional outlets, the modern man’s first instinct is to look online. However, even in cyberspace, searching for a good deal for Kratom can be a dilemma and a half. The only way to reliably determine where best to get Kratom is by trial and error. Unfortunately, that requires sitting through possibly scores of bad- and mediocre-quality Kratom before getting at the good stuff. Luckily, all that work’s been done for you in this compiled list, based off of user reviews and testimonies from experienced Kratom buyers.

Top 5 Most Reliable Kratom Distributors

5.) KratomCapsules.com

Many experienced Kratom users advise against buying capsules in a processed form like capsules or pills. This is because you can never be sure about their contents unless you have enough know-how to check yourself.  However, capsules and pills are immensely convenient, as consumption is as easy as putting them in your mouth and gulping them down. Plus, they’re extremely portable so they can be taken on the go.

Luckily, KratomCapsules eliminates the fear of not knowing what’s in your Kratom pills by being up-front about the contents of the capsules, as well as which strains of Kratom are in them. The only downside is they don’t have too large a selection of strains.  Still, lots of regulars stand by this site, and it’s one of the more reputable “Kratom distributors” out there overall.

4.) Phytoextractum

This online Kratom source is one of the old breeds. It’s been in the business of selling Kratom – along with other herbs and extracts – for longer than most other players in the game. However, people advise against purchasing their Kratom extracts. They have fantastic prices, though, and free delivery to boot. However, their website really shows their age, but if you can get past that, they’ve got a decent rewards program for regulars.

3.) Buykratom.us

A lot of people attest to the quality of the product that this Kratom distributor delivers, especially since they’re incredibly generous about their money-back terms. Most vendors don’t give your money back unless you return the package unopened. Buykratom.us does things differently. So long as you send back at least 75% of the product unused, they’ll give you back 100% of what you paid. It’s a fantastic try-before-you-buy scheme.

Where to Buy Kratom Products Online

They sell all manner of Kratom products, including super-concentrated extracts for more advanced Kratom users. They also sell starter packs for beginners that contain all seven major Kratom strains. The big downside to this vendor is that it doesn’t offer free shipping and it has a lot of countries and states it doesn’t deliver to, the full list of which can be found on the shipping section on their website.

2.) Kats Botanicals

This renowned Kratom vendor gets their Kratom straight from the plantations in Southeast Asia, and the quality of their products reflects this authenticity. They’ve got Kratom products down to a science, consulting with Columbia Food Labs to verify their safety and potency. As such, their products are frequently sold out.

Apart from some quality Kratom ingestibles, they also sell CBD products, Kratom soaps, and turmeric powder capsules. This seller also has a wholesale program for those interested in being the Kratom distributor in their own area.

1.) Coastline Kratom

             Nabbing the top spot on this list is Coastline Kratom, a Kratom distributor considered by many as the go-to Kratom guys. This family-run vendor narrowly beats Kats Botanicals by offering Kratom of all varieties and colors from every corner of the globe they’re known to grow potent and of premium quality. They’ve got excellent customer service, with at least one staff member on the site at all times ready to answer any questions. The passion they have for the business is immense, and that’s why many Kratom users love them.

              These sellers offer free shipping on purchases that exceed $75, and their Facebook page is brimming with praise for the quality of their products and service. They sell everything from powder to pills to live Kratom plants. To top it all off, they have a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like what you’ve received.

That about does it for the top 5 Kratom distributors you might want to try out. One thing you should note, however, is the legality of Kratom in your state or country. Once you’ve got that sorted, all that’s left to do is to order from one of these sellers and get into the wonderful world of Kratom.

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