Usage & Effects

5-Point Guide To Knowing Your Kratom Dosage

There are different types of kratom and color strains available in the market today. And each of those types differs in doses for beginners and average users.

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Usage & Effects

Kratom Oil: Extraction, Dosage, Effects and User Reviews

Kratom oil is more potent than other kratom products. Discover its extraction, dosage, and effects. Learn to make your pain-free salve with this oil

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Experiences & Reviews

Complete Evaluation of a Head Shop Kratom Vs. Online Vendor: the Pros and Cons

A head shop kratom is easy to find in your area. Do these shops sell quality kratom? Know the answer in this evaluation between a head shop and online kratom vendors.

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Malaysian Kratom: The Super Strain With Many Benefits

Are you looking for a kratom strain that suits your needs? Read this article about Malaysian kratom, its benefits, dosage, and side effects.

Buy Kratom For Pain Suffering

I fell down at work 2 years ago and really hurt my back, that is when I went to the doctor and they gave me all sorts of tests and eventually ended up giving me many medications. The pain just continued to get worse and there was nothing that I could do, sometimes the pills […]

Understanding How Long Does Kratom Last?

Kratom originates in Asia and is popular in treating various diseases such as pain. It has mitragynine and other alkaloid content which give health benefits and some prefer it as recreational.

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